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Credibility Alliance is committed to a set of Values that have evolved over time. The Norms Committee in association with Alliance member organizations have developed these Values as a guiding principal for strengthening the unity among voluntary organizations in India. The values are the hub for CA's programs and activities, the work among member organizations and all other stakeholders as well as further commitments and responsibilities in the future.


Autonomy and Self- Governance

CA is autonomous and has its own governing structure and norms for self governance. However it has to adhere to the laws governing such institutions. CA maintains its autonomy and functions in a democratic manner.


CA’s activities and practices are carried out with honesty and impartiality. CA is incorruptible and promotes the interests of its constituencies and the sector at large, without any compromise to its mission and principles.

Not-for-Profit Existence

CA is driven to achieve its vision and mission and is a not for profit organization. If some of its activities generate income, it can be used to support the CA’s programs and activities.


The setting up of CA is out of voluntary choice of its members, who serve on the CA’s Board in voluntary capacity, giving their time and skills. Many organizations work with the help of volunteers and also receive finances as voluntary contributions from individuals and organizations of civil society.

Democracy and Participation

CA promotes the right of its stakeholders to be fully informed and participate in all decisions that affect their lives.

Respect for Human Rights

CA respects, promotes and defends the human rights of individuals and communities to live in safety, security and dignity and foster a rights-based approach.

Respect for Diversity

CA recognizes, accepts, respects and promotes the uniqueness of each individual and community along the dimensions of religion and religious beliefs, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, socio-economic status, geographic location, political beliefs or other ideologies.

Social and Gender Justice

CA promotes fairness, impartiality and equity in all its activities, practices and dealings with all stakeholders and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, class, religion, ethnicity, age, color, nationality, ability, disease or sexual orientation. CA adopts affirmative policies and practices that facilitate equal opportunities for women and groups facing discrimination and exclusion.