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Credibility Alliance spreads awareness, assists, educates and apprises on the recent developments, responsibilities and other critical issues pertaining to Voluntary Sector by disseminating vital information periodically to all VOs through publication, newsletter etc
a) This First and Second edition of the “Handbook on CSR for Corporate & NPOs” is a humble effort to compile the various legal issues pertaining to CSR in India. It also makes an effort to explain the various key registration, governance and management issues pertaining to NPOs. This handbook should help the Corporate, Corporate Foundations, other NPOs, consultants, auditors etc. in understanding the various governance and legal issues in a simplified form.

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b)  E- Communique
During the last two years CA has been sharing with member organizations, via its' Learning Series: e-communiqué on Governance and Disclosures practices in Voluntary Sector and an e-communiqué on CSR; The Learning Series on CSR has received an overwhelming response from the Member VOs of CA

c) Development Impact books
Credibility Alliance published four series of book named “ Development Impact” on profile of  Large, Medium and Small category VOs which are Accredited by Credibility Alliance and whose annual budget is more than 1 crore, between 25 lakh to 1 crore and less that Rs 25 Lakhs respectively. In this publication the profiles of the NGOs have been culled from their Annual Reports and website which the staff goes through along with other documents.

d) News Letter
Credibility Alliance publishes monthly / bi-monthly News Letter providing review of recent activities conducted, editorials along with thematic input on CSO Governance etc. 
e) Reports
CA publishes Annual reports, consultative reports, brochures etc.