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General Body Member

All the Accredited Organizations of Credibility Alliance constitute to be the Members of the General Body.


We, members of Credibility Alliance undertaking service and development activities for the marginalized, vulnerable, disadvantaged and excluded sections of Society, are working together for the qualitative development of the Voluntary Sector in India.

In an environment where the state and markets play a significant role in determining the social, economic and political life of individuals and communities, we are committed to protecting and defending the rights and wellbeing of the constituencies we work with so that they can live in safety, security and dignity.

We are committed to sharing openly and clearly with the public, information on questions such as why we exist, how we work and how we utilize our financial resources. We are working towards a self-regulatory framework that will help us establish Transparency, set quality standards in what we do and thereby ensure credibility.

Our Norms on Good Governance, Management and Program exist within a value frame defined by the Alliance. These values of Integrity, Self–governance, Non-profit, Voluntarism, Democracy and Participation, Respect for Human Rights, Respect for Diversity, Social Justice and Gender Justice, guide and direct us in our work as agents of change and transformation.